About Me


Hi and Welcome. My name is Mayelle and this is my blog.

Hello you!! Welcome to my world of ideas .. the blog! A bit of history: A few years back I thought it would be a great idea to start sharing my thoughts via a blog.  In that spirit, I reached out to my closest friends with a question: What should I call my blog. I cannot share all the suggestions from my friends without the blog being classed as an ‘adults only’ site!  All I can say is we had a real laugh. Life went on and I sealed the project in a pretty envelope at the back of my mind. Given who I am, one day I would have to start sharing .. I have too many opinions, ideas and oh lord do I like talking … I have been told there is another word for that: opinionated! The name of the blog came from a  work colleague that was helping me to set it up and as a test he wrote: Hello world  … It’s all about me! When I laid my eyes on that banner with a big smile I screamed: Hell yes! It is all about me! I even had a t-shirt  with that inscription and there you go. With that, the blog was born. No turning back. I can see a rather shy start becoming a non stop – did you see that… can you believe how beautiful that photo is or song or quote .. or it’s just me?! I will start sharing some of my thoughts, texts, as well as friends. My favorites songs, films, scribbles and anything else that bubbles to the surface from my crazy mind  .. Join me! It should be fun …