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Today like any other ordinary morning I woke up and with my eyes still closed and soul half living on the Morpheus universe. I got up and slept-walked to my kitchen to put the kettle on for the morning coffee. I opened the coffee tin and got hit by the sweet smell of coffee. It’s like being enchanted. Your senses transport to another dimension of pure joy and contentment.

This glorious feeling got abruptly disrupted by the kettle’s whistling: Wake up girl! The water is boiling!! Still, on auto-pilot, I poured the water into the cafetiere and off went to handle the first stressing task of the day: choose what to wear for work. Although, the palette of choice is limited (my girlfriends would dispute that!) at this time in the morning, try to make any sense of colours shapes audience humour is quite a task. For anyone who has a trace of vanity or some symptoms of SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker syndrome) would understand my predicament. It’s like in that film Poltergeist when little Carol Anne stares at the TV screen and sees nothing. That is me transfixed looking at my wardrobe, engulfed by the black hole.

Slowly the smell of the coffee brewing in the kitchen brought me back to reality. I poured myself a large mug of coffee and went back to the wardrobe. After the first few sips, the neurones got together with my synapses and quick decisions were made. The mirror would be the judge later on when I was fully awake in the office.Or ignore the mistake. My actions will be a direct reflection on how many compassionless comments or looks I got.

Back to coffee and its role on my day. I really underestimated its importance. Being brought up as a Catholic, where rituals are the base of most actions and/or events such as baptism, Sunday mass, a pray before Christmas dinner, a pray for the mobile to ring it’s not a surprise that I created a new one.  Religion has evolved in my life. Bernard Shaw has a great quote “There is only one religion, though there are a hundred versions of it” Coffee became mine. 

Everything is a motive to drink a good cup of coffee. When on holiday in St. Lucia, remember my despair as we could not find a good place to have a coffee. Despite the beautiful weather and surrounding the good humour took some time to make an appearance. I did not rest until I found a decent coffee shop. I like it so much that my friends bring me as a present. Zara! Need to renew my stock of the delicious South African coffee!!

It has the power to distinguish a good from a bad day. My humour is dependent on this lovely black liquid that caresses my throat. It allows my brain to function and emotions to develop in a more sensible way. It wakes me up, gives me a kick when the energy is low. It comforts me on a stressful moment, complements a good dinner. It’s there for you in good and bad times. Best part, you choose which one you want … what flavour and nobody and I mean nobody will go against. It’s one of these situations where your opinion counts; there is no need for anyone to agree with you. You can debate the flavour, strength, quantity but there will never be a conclusion. Just like falling in love, it’s what suits your senses. It adapts to all seasons: watching the rain falling at your favourite coffee shop reading a book and sipping a cappuccino in fall, coffee in bed in winter, Spring coffee and cake (childhood memories!) and summer sunrises with a good mug of black coffee! 

Since I acknowledged my relationship with coffee, I started paying attention to other daily rituals I have. It’s fascinating what creatures of habits we all are. Just stop and reflect on your day. You will laugh once you map all your actions, words you use and how you behave. We are just so predictable that is scary.  Always the same tube carriage, at the same time, same gym classes at the same time, same breakfast and so on. Change one of them and see the results. It is quite compelling. I have done a few experiments, and I loved it. 

If you are a work colleague or friend, you can breathe a sigh of relief. I will not stop drinking coffee so you will not have to suffer from the results. Now, I challenge you to change something on your day to see what happens …come on !! You can start with a smile or try an expresso martini!!! 

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A few years out of school, and i’m feeling like my gray matter is turning into gray sludge

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