New Year & Ano Novo

For all Brazilians that  one way or another belong to  “geracao plim plim” (meaning that you are a big fan of the most influential Brazilian television channel)  the holiday season and specially the end of the year is not the same without listening  the song by Marcos Valle. It’s part of our lives for so long we don’t even realize  when it has started.  We mumble the lyrics without really paying attention to its meaning. In my opinion, holiday season is not the same without this song.  Every year there is a new version but the lyrics never change.

Anyone to translate the lyrics? Anyway, talks about a new day, new beginnings … happiness is there for everybody .. you just need to wish .. our dreams will become true .. the future has already started …

Happy new year … one day at a time!!!




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  • dennis calabrese says:

    Me gusta mucho! Lo siento, conozco español solamente, pero Feliz Ano Nuevo a tu and todas las personnas! Love and American kisses, D and J!

  • Nancy Gove says:

    Happy New Year my friend I hope 2015 is a lovely as you are. I only speak English so my comment isn’t as lovely as the one from Dennis.


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